Digital Dozen does books, day 5 (a couple of days late) - Penguin Books, read more on my blog

It’s my 6,000 follower giveaway!! Thank you all so much for continuing to follow me! It’s so wonderful getting all the notifications about people following me! I hope I’m sticking to your standards.
So to thank all of you I’m holding a giveaway! Who doesn’t love a giveaway? 
There will be 3 winners and each can pick one book by any of the authors of the titles I have listed. This will be international thanks to Book Depository (but please make sure you live in a country they ship to, check here)
Here are the rules!
You MUST be following me. I will be checking, no giveaway blogs please.
You can enter as many times as you like, just don’t over spam your own followers.
Likes and reblogs will count.
If you do win you have to be willing to give me your FULL mailing address (name, address, country etc).
Your ask box must be open for me to contact you.
Things to know
You have from July 25 to midnight EST August 25 to enter.
All the copies you get will be paperback (I’m not made of money you know)
Again, this will be international
If you have any questions send me an ask!
The winners will have 48 hours from the time I contact them to get back to me or I’ll pick some one else.
Thank you so much for following and I wish all of you the best of luck!
  • me: this book destroyed my life
  • me: *add to the favorite books list*